Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who am I?

Who am I? I am Edmund, I am Eddy, I am Ed, and I am Guy. But, to most everybody, I am better known as just Guy. I get asked about it a lot too. People ask me: “Is your name really Guy?” or “Why is your name Guy?” Usually I just say no and explain why. However, I get asked it so much I just want to say yes. That wouldn’t work out to will though. They would figure it out eventually. So I just say no and give the story. When I was born, my dad wanted me to be Edmund George Knudsen the fifth. But, my mom was like “NO!” She did not want another George. They thought about it and decided to go with my uncle’s name: Guy. Therefore, Guy did not come from nowhere. It actually was legit. Anyways, they decided to keep Edmund and just make it my middle name. But, when they said it, “Guy Edmund Knudsen,” it didn’t have a good ring to it. So they switched it to Edmund Guy Knudsen realizing it sounded better. Then, they still decided to call me Guy. Even though, they made it my middle name. Which makes completely no since. I mean if you’re going to call me Edmund Guy, call me Edmund. Now look what I have to deal with. Oh well, that’s that story for you.
Who am I? I am the type of person who hates to fail. Not necessarily grades but failing in general. One of the reasons is because I know I can do better. Sometimes you just get so caught up in what’s going around you, you get distracted and just forget everything. Then, in some cases I’m just lazy. Not much of an excuse, but it happens. Partly because I have ADHD: (attention death hyperactive disorder). I am distracted very easily. I know sometimes I’ll find myself just staring off into nowhere and then realize I was working on a test or doing homework and just spaced out. I’m a hard worker and I don’t quit. I feel when you quit, you’re giving up on all the possibilities that could have been. Then you find yourself thinking, “what if?” I’m very organized too. I hate not knowing where something is. You get that feeling of “am I forgetting something” and then you just waste time trying to figure out what it is. Half the time is nothing and your mind is just messing with you. I’m quite funny, or comical, or however you want to put it. At least people tell me that I am. I think I can agree with them though. I find when you’re asked to describe yourself it’s hard. I think it’s weird because you don’t want them to think of you as modest or it’s just all about you.
I’m quite curious. I’m very curious in fact. I really like everything and how it works. From small to big it’s all interesting. I use to take all sorts of things apart when I was little. Like radios, toys, and just about anything. Unfortunately, I couldn’t always put it back together. So, eventually I stopped. Otherwise I would have run out of toys. That would be devastating. I like puzzles too, all kinds of puzzles. Pretty much anything that could be solved. I especially like Rubik’s cubes. I have tons of them from normal ones to weirdly shaped ones. I can solve all of them except for one. It is my goal to solve it before I get anymore Rubik’s cubes and to have it solved before I graduate. I believe I can hopefully do it. You could say Rubik’s cubes are my hobby. I quite enjoy them. I also play video games. I play zombies a lot with my friends. Just in case you took that the wrong way. That is a video game, not a game like children play.
I’m very good at math. It is my strongest subject and always has been. I just understand a lot. It’s not like other subjects with all their different complications. It’s just numbers and story problems. I think it makes it easier to comprehend that way. Coming in second would be English. It seems pretty easy if you know what you’re doing. After that would be science. Science is usually my favorite subject. You get to do a lot of cool labs. It makes it a lot of fun. Coming in last would be social studies. We just simply don’t agree at all. Not much more to say there about that. Luckily I should never have to take it again, even in college.
I want to be an engineer. So basically, I just need math and science. I got that down pretty well, except for physics. More specifically I want to be an Electronic/Computer Engineer. In my future, I want to be able to build all sorts of electronics, be able to fix them, and be able to even design my own. I have two plans for college. One of them is to go to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and obtain my masters degree there. The other is to go to the University of Nebraska at Kearny, get a major in mathematics and a pre engineering degree. After that I will transfer to UNO and finish my engineering degree. Sounds like a lot of fun.
Again, I ask the question who am I? Again I answer, I am Guy. I’m a fun, interesting, comical, energetic, curious, smart, distracted, distracting, awesome, outgoing, hardworking, puzzle solving, problem solving, responsible, organized, and caring type of person. I’m sure there’s more but lazy is probably one of them. I always try to keep a positive attitude and just be happy. I like hanging out with my friends, watching movies, and just having a good time. Try to make the best out of life. I want to make my life more like toilet paper… long and useful. 

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  1. Hi Guy,

    I am so sorry you didn't have a comment from me. I could have sworn I wrote you one, because I know I filled out your rubric! Weird. I must have gotten distracted here at school and forgot to go back and write a post! Anyway, I love that you talked about the origin of your name. I'm sure your mom struggled to come up with "right" combination. Names are important. :) I can certainly tell you like math since you are such a big fan of Rubik's cubes. Those take a lot of logic!! Good for you!