Monday, December 10, 2012

What Is My Purpose?
What is my purpose? What is purpose? There are many ways you can describe purpose. It is the reason for which something is done, made, or used. It’s an intended or desired result; like an end, an aim, or a goal. Maybe it is the subject at hand or the point at issue. Purpose can seemingly mean many things. Growing up, I always knew it as, not doing something on accident. Depending on what was done on purpose and not on accident was usually not the right thing like, drawing on the walls. You’re more than likely not supposed to do it but do it anyways. You can’t very well say it was an accident. The end result, you would probably be sent to your room or put in a time out. It would all depend on your parents’ form of punishment. However, this time, purposes will more than likely end with a good result. You can almost describe it the same way as the other purpose (not accident). Purpose means you mean to do something while this purpose means you are meant to do something. You can see how they both tie together. I see purpose as a future explanation to what you want in life. It can be almost anything. It can range from your deepest desires to your biggest dreams. It’s whatever you want to accomplish in your life.
 I have had a pretty good idea on what I believe my purpose to be for quite a while. It’s still growing and advancing everyday as I learn more and obtain new ideas. My hope is to become an engineer. It’s been that way since my freshmen year. To be more specific, I hope to be an electronic/computer engineer. I have a great interest in electronics and how they work. I grew up taking all kinds apart whenever I got the chance. Unfortunately, I couldn't always put them back together.  Hopefully, towards my future, that won’t be a problem. I've been getting better and can even take some apart if it’s broken and be able to fix it. It’s something to look forward to in my future. When something breaks, instead of replacing it or having it repaired, I can do it myself.
With all of these ideas in mind of what I want, I can’t really just take it. I need to make a plan. I need to know where I’ll go, what I’ll do, and how I will accomplish it. It’s not just I want this and its handed to you. You have to be able to work towards it and earn it. College is the best way to do that and is how I chose to go through with it. Now, there are a lot of colleges out there. I can easily narrow it down though to what is going to help me for my future. However, looking at only the engineering schools, there is still a lot. Luckily, I can narrow it down even more. To simply put it, I want to stay in Nebraska. I don’t want to leave home quite yet. I want to be close so I have somewhere to go on breaks or the holidays and of course during the summer. Now, we got colleges in Nebraska that offer engineering. The list just dropped. Now I can decide. I have decided the route of not only one college, but two. As of now, that is my plan, but sometimes life happens and you have to change. Wither it be the better for or for others. We can’t control our future. We can only work towards what we hope it to be.
As of now, I am going to the University of Nebraska at Kearney then the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The reason I have chosen two is for more experience. I have been contacted by many colleges asking if I will be coming to their college. Before, I always told them no, I’m going to UNO because they offer engineering. Expecting to be told that they understood and to wish me luck, they had a different approach. They explained to me that I could go to their college where they would offer me pre engineering along with another major of my choice that would tie along with my engineering plans. This way I would go to a college that didn’t offer engineering for two years and obtain an associate’s degree of pre engineering. While obtaining that I would also be getting a major in a different subject such as mathematics or physics. Once I was done, I would then transfer to UNO and finish off getting my complete degree in electronic/computer engineering. I would have done all of my general education classes before and would be able to just focus on my engineering. However, I still needed to choose which college I would go to first for pre engineering. There were a lot of choices, but in the end I chose UNK. It’s a nice college and it’s close to home just like I want it to be. Plus, everything would transfer easier due to it being another university.
I have my plans set for now. I know what I hope and want to do. All that’s left is to go for it. My purpose is only what I can make of it. Once I’m out of college, it will be different. I have my ideas and hopes on what I want to accomplish. I want to be able to build and design my own electronics and even do some work in robotics. I think it would be pretty awesome to be able to build a robot just because. However, the world is changing every day and those ideas could change in the future. The world is vast and not, it’s only a matter of waiting.

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